About me

I’m a touring singer/songwriter, crafter, lover of DIY projects, and a girl that lost her dad. I love my community in Austin, TX.  I love people in general.  I’m a lover of life.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Carrie,
    You are such an amazing and beautiful soul. Thank you for these beautiful writings about your dad. You wrote that you thought you were writing a bunch of gibberish, but you wrote some powerful statements of love, for your dad and for all those lucky enough to know you and to be the recipient of the light you share. Your dad was clearly lucky to have you in those challenging days.
    I lost my dad about 12 years ago – and understand the mix of emotions, especially the sadness. Thank you for saying and sharing your feelings. I don’t know you that well, but from your music and speaking with you and Danny over the years, I am sure I know you well enough to say that the challenges you are facing this year are not some payment for something you did wrong (as you questioned). They are bad luck perhaps, but also, as you write, they are opportunities for growth. Perhaps think of them as compost, from which beautiful flowers will grow and bloom year after year, through your generous soul, spirit, story, and song..


    1. Craig,
      Thank you for your beautiful message. I feel incredibly loved by all the readers of the blog!
      I’m so sorry you lost your papa, too. Even if it was 12 years ago. I’d imagine it still just hits you sometimes….from out of the blue….or seemingly out of the blue.
      Much love to you and thank you for writing.


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